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The Timing of Link Building and How to Make Good Use of Popular Topics


Time is especially precious when search engine optimization is involved. It is of prime importance for ordinary topics which have a short span of life. Hence when there is understanding f the individual phases of link building, the efforts exerted will be much more productive, and the results more rewarding.

Keywords – Do They Have a Life Cycle That Can Be Predicted

In each sector of industry there are trends for the use of keywords that understandably have a limited life cycle, and different product names are cases in point. To obtain more insight into the matter, Google Trends can be used to show the trends for keywords when the keywords for a specific site remain over the minimal threshold. Further and better insight can be gained thanks to the monitoring tools of social media – they can show which topics are currently popular and what keyword combinations contain them.

Another tool to be used is Radian6 which can help to discover the number of phases that a product has, for example a mobile phone. During each phase, people tend to discuss the specific topics which involve specific phone names. So in each of the phases there should be the need for acquiring links, but the messages should be different.

1. The Phase of Uncertainty and Rumors

That is the initial phase in which information is expected to leak regarding the potential names of new phones which are up and coming on the market.

Associated link building: It should start with the finding of websites that are featured by ranking at that time, by means of combinations of keywords containing the suggested potential names for the new product, in our example the phone. Links from such sites are easy to attract by taking advantage of the fact that they are eager to jump at any clue or hint to spread the rumor. Clues like the first pictures or even sketches are great to include for the purpose. Indulging in speculations regarding the exact name, the date when it is likely to be released, etc. will be helpful as well during that phase.

2. The Second Phase – the Introduction

After the formal announcement of the new product, in our case the new phone, comes the phase during which product samples are given out to media so that they could have basis to write their first reviews. So words like “review”, “introduction”, “release date” and similar ones are on the agenda at that phase.

Associated link building: The partnership with websites which offer reviews is in the spotlight as far as link building is concerned. Part of the work for link acquisition can include comparisons of reviews, rating them, or paying them to earn mentioning of the website, or even offering sample phones to serve for the writing of reviews.

3. The Phase Preceding the Sale

That is the phase during which people set out to select the suitable providers or stores for the new product. During that phase, it is time to employ words like “features”, “compare”, or “support”, as they are commonly searched for at that time.

Associated link building: Practice has shown that when special offers are launched for early buyers, or special deals on products are extended for people that hurry to be the first and preregister, success is easy to accomplish. Other boosters of good linking rates can be comparison wizards and selection tools. Some companies can try the time tested rumors that the product is going to be scarce – it usually resonates well with the public’s anxiety to acquire the new product.

4. The Phase of Sale

After the product is already ready to be rolled out on the market, the previous stages should already have yielded success in terms of rankings. That is the phase during which words like “deals”, “price”, etc. are commonly found at the top of search results and social mentions.

Associated link building: Sales efforts should go hand in hand with link building. However, Google’s rules with respect to paid links should be adhered to. Websites that show the new product adverts can be aided by submitting high quality images and naturally unique content, and normal links can work as well. On the basis of sales data, if available, comparison charts can be made. Any features such as wizards, widgets, or other tools that serve for promotion can do a great job both for sales and with respect to link building.

5. The Phase of Support

When the sales phase is in full swing, searches for accessories for the new product soar. There are relevant keyword combinations which show that the product has become some kind of household name. Then comes the time when second hand items of the products, or refurbished items of it, start to be sold on online stores such as eBay, and the efforts should be made to support the products as the solid step for its next version, its successor.

Associated link building: Rather than launch into link building at that stage, people should make good use of the acquired links value to boost the new product. That can be achieved by redirecting the old product URL to its new model URL. But the page dedicated to the predecessor should also be present on the site.

The Work Process during the Phases

Regardless of the product to be aided by link building, the above phases are the typical ones. The life cycle of products should be employed to help fine tune the link building work to the best possible link partners during each phase. It is advisable to seek the sites that rank among the top 10 for each phase, and their strategies should be emulated, in order to manage to draw in similar links. Let us once again point out that the good timing of link building is essential for ranking at the very right time, with less effort than in case of not observing the timing demand.


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